The challenging board game adaptation is getting a sequel.

by Jason Venter

Auroch Digital introduced Chainsaw Warrior in 2013, and it was a big success for the company, enough so that today the team revealed it will be releasing a sequel in early 2015. Chainsaw Warriors: Lords of the Night, like its predecessor, is planned for Steam, iOS and Android devices.

Chainsaw Warrior was an adaptation of the Games Workshop board game most known for its challenging difficulty. The previous video game edition was faithful to that tradition, and earned itself a masochistic following as a result.

In the sequel, players will find an upgraded combat system, new weapons, powers and equipment, mini bosses, and three new zones. Once more, they’ll be racing the clock as they “battle through decks of deadly traps and fierce creatures.” As long as the new content doesn’t upset a delicate balance, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong.

“Chainsaw Warrior will always be, at its heart, a board game,” said Steve Martin (no relation), the game’s designer at Auroch Digital. “It’s important to us that people who played the original can jump right in and feel at home, but at the same time we want to use this opportunity to build on the challenge and add in some tricks that the digital format opens up for us.”

If you would like a bit of extra information about Chainsaw Warrior, including an extended trailer for the first digital installment, you can find it at the game’s official site.

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