The race to extinction will be on before you know it.

by Jason Venter

Chris Priestman of Pocket Gamer writes That Cartoon Survivor, an upcoming mobile title from Spunge Games, will arrive on the App Store next week. If you’re into vibrant action games with lots of fun content to explore, it sounds like it could be a real treat.

“You play as Doo Doo the Dodo across a series of themed levels from made-up cartoon shows,” describes Priestman. “The first is a Jurassic one full of dinosaurs, lava, and cavemen (it’s not accurate but it is a cartoon after all).”

Apparently, Doo Doo advances automatically and all you have to worry about is steering and jumping, which you accomplish by tilting your device and tapping the screen. Doo Doo can also glide if you press and hold your finger in place.

“If you make a mistake in your run it doesn’t matter as much as it does in, say, an endless runner,” notes Priestman. “The only penalty you incur is slowing down. This only means you may miss out on all three golden stars. The idea is to be quick as there’s a stick of dynamite on Doo Doo’s back.”

This might be the most explosive development yet as people ponder the dodo bird’s eventual extinction.

“However,” adds Priestman, “slowing down can help you explore the levels more thoroughly, and it’s worth doing. There are three trophies in each, coins to collect, and hidden paths to find.”

Players will collect coins over time, and they can use those to purchase new skins and helmets. The same will also be possible with in-app purchases, because of course it will. Developers have to earn something out of the deal, after all.

Look for Cartoon Survivor next week, if you’re into dodo birds and dynamite and such. And really, who wouldn’t be?

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