Take another journey through a fantasy world, for free!

by Jason Venter

DeNA has been managing to stay rather busy as of late. Most recently, the prolific developer revealed that it is hard at work on Blood Brothers 2 for iOS and Android. There’s even a web site established where you can sign up for access to special rewards once the game launches.

“This sequel takes place a century after Blood Brothers and returns you to the fantastical world of Arnashia, which needs to be brought to peace once again,” writes Chris Priestman at Pocket Gamer. “You’ll build an army by recruiting various beasts and warriors while uncovering conspiracies, and putting your skills to the test in strategic battles.”

From the sound of things, Blood Brothers 2 will also support both cooperative and PvP play with friends and rivals. It also will feature weekly challenges that you can complete for rewards, as is common in free-to-play titles. After all, the longer a game can keep you coming back, the more invested you’ll become and the more likely it is that you’ll feel good about dropping some real-world money on your experience.

“It’s worth noting that, in our review of the first game, we said that it ‘plays about as nicely as cardboard tastes’,” Chris Priestman recalls. “Hopefully, Blood Brothers 2 has something worth biting down on beyond its art work.”

Though it doesn’t reveal any actual gameplay, this trailer is worth a look if you’d like to see that artwork on display, or hear an enthusiastic narrator and a rousing score. Are you pumped for Blood Brothers 2?

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