Halfbrick Studios announces that it is rebuilding its smash hit Fruit Ninja with a new update hitting this October.

By Hands-On Staff

Australian video game studio Halfbrick Studios have teased that it is releasing an all-new content update for its immensely popular fruit-maiming action title, Fruit Ninja.

As reported by the folks over at TouchArcade, the forthcoming Fruit Ninja update is no minor upgrade. In fact, the developer explained that the experience is actually being rebuilt from scratch.

New features aspiring ninjas can look forward to include in-game player leaderboards, a revamped menu system and dojo-specific gameplay features and effects.

“One of the key details of the updated version of the game is that it will take the dojos and blades, which were at one point only cosmetic items, and give them gameplay effects,” writes TouchArcade’s Carter Dotson. “For example, the Great Wave dojo will spawn up to ten fruit at once, and the Autumn Blade creates a tornado when it slices pineapples.”

Halfbrick has also created a new Fruit Ninja animated web series, which features new characters that will likely appear in the refreshed edition of Fruit Ninja.

If you’re interested in checking out the new Fruit Ninja update, you won’t have to wait long as it is slated to drop in October. Until then, you can sharpen your slicing skills by downloading the original game for $0.99 on iOS below.

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