Pigs everywhere will soon learn that they are no match for lasers.

by Jason Venter

Angry Birds Transformers has been available in some regions for a while now, but as of today, you can download it practically anywhere. Rovio has released the title globally, for both the iOS and Android platforms.

“This is a side-scrolling auto-running action game based on both Angry Birds and Transformers,” explains Touch Arcade. “Players fight enemy pigs standing on structures that normally you’d have to launch a bird haphazardly at to try and knock down. But here in Angry Birds Transformers, instead, you fire lasers at them.”

Despite being free to play, the game of course offers opportunities to spend money. It’s not overly greedy about it, though, judging from the comments in the Touch Arcade article.

“While it does have a two-tier currency,” writes Carter Dotson, “there are a surprising number of ways to get the hard currency for free, from random chests on the game map, to getting your characters to be used by supporters.”

There also are the expected promotional tie-ins, since Angry Birds is as much a brand these days as it is a game. It’s a popular one with the kids, too, so odds are good that young family member of yours are already playing and loving this newest title in the franchise. Why not join them?

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