The moving story of a game brought to another platform…

by Hands-On Staff

A physics-based platformer title called And Yet It Moves has been kicking around for some time now, first appearing on PC in 2009 and then arriving on WiiWare the next year. Since then, we haven’t heard a lot about the game or its developer, Broken Rules.

This week, that should change. And Yet It Moves releases on iOS on the 29th, but with a new title: Yet It Moves. Presumably, the “And” was left out of the arrangement as a cost-cutting measure. Ink is getting pricey.

Pocket Gamer’s Chris Priestman describes the general gameplay: “You help a pencil-drawn man to traverse a series of levels by rotating the world around him. As you do, the direction of gravity changes, causing him and other objects in the levels to fall.”

According to Priestman, this “definitive” version of the game will include new daily runs, which should keep gamers busy after its release. The developer is also promising “crystal clear” paper graphics, in addition to the expected touch controls.

Apparently, the game was pitched repeatedly to different publishers as Broken Rules attempted to bring it to iOS in the years following its WiiWare release, but DeNA is the only publisher that was able to make it finally happen. We’ll know soon whether or not that effort translates to a must-play mobile title…

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