It’s no Wonderland, but there should still be plenty of interesting things to see.

by Jason Venter

Square Enix recently affirmed its commitment to mobile development, thanks largely to the company’s continued success in that sector, so it shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise that new titles are on the way. One of them, called Alice Order, is being developed for release later this year.

“Alice Order is a completely new title by Million Arthur producer Hiroaki Iwano who is also the producer for the upcoming smartphone title,” writes Sato, of Siliconera. “Joining him is huke, known for his work on Steins;Gate as the main visuals illustrator.”

That talented duo will be working from a scenario by Kyoichi Nanatsuki, who is typically remembered for the Project ARMS manga series. Yuuki Hayashi will serve as the composer.

“The story of Alice Order is set in the near future Japan,” adds Sato, “where a great disaster has brought devastation to the country. During this time, there’s been attacks from a parallel world, and a special forced group called ‘Alice’ consisting of young ladies with special powers, will be there to fight them off.”

If you’re into that sort of thing, watch for the game to arrive on both iOS and Android platforms later this year.

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