Chances are pretty good that the cell phone in your pocket today has roughly 500,000 times the storage and 1.75 billion times the processing power of the Voyager 1 spacecraft we hurled into space in 1977. And what do we do with that almost incomprehensibly advanced personal technology? We use it to play games.

And that’s awesome.

But the funny thing is, while the capabilities of our phones, tablets, and PCs continue to surge forward every year, touchscreens seem to have taken the way we play games backward.

Don’t get us wrong. We dig flicking and swiping and tapping as much as the next gamer waiting patiently in line at the taqueria. That is to say, if we have to.

But as mobile games become more sophisticated, and as their power increases to the point where we can play games like Half-Life 2 and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on our phones and tablets we start craving the same kind of satisfying hardware controls that for decades we’ve taken for granted at home.

And with the Gamevice, now we’ve got them.

No laggy accelerometers. No fingertip smudges. No thumbs blocking the same screen we’re trying to look at. Mobile games have evolved, and the way we play them is evolving too.

That’s what Hands-On is all about. It’s a site dedicated to spreading the word about the very best mobile games that play the way we want them to: with hardware controllers we can maneuver, smash and mash.

With Hands-On, you won’t have to wade through thousands – tens of thousands! – of games in the App Store, Google Play, and other digital joints trying to find awesome games that support hardware controls. We’ll do the work for you, so you can do the playing.

Hands-On is a better kind of a games site for a better class of gamer.
You’ve already got the power in your pocket. We’re here to help you make the most of it.